MySQL Configuration fails on Debian 10

OS: Debian 10
Webmin Version: 1.984
Virtualmin Version: 6.17-3
It’s on a clean installation of Debian 10 netinstall, with Ondrej Sury’s PHP repo, and MariaDB’s repo added afterwards.

curl -LsS | sudo bash

On the first setup wizard, MariaDB configuration fails on the setup step (Default, Large, etc.) with this error:

Failed to get properties: Unit name mariadb-extra@.socket is neither a valid invocation ID nor unit name.
Failed to get properties: Unit name mariadb@.socket is neither a valid invocation ID nor unit name

This error also happens when MariaDB configuration is changed from Webmin (altering the max packet size, etc.).

That’s external added repo, hence don’t do this… I can confirm that SQL is working on Debian 10 and 11 without any mods… I’ve just upgraded 9 so I am using mariadb which is actually replacement for SQL… working exactly same no issues

No it isn’t. Please read the docs. Install Virtualmin on a clean OS. Then add whatever other packages you need to change after installation.

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