MySQL and Wasabi setup

OS type and version CentOS 7.8.2003
Virtualmin version 7.1

Hello! Can you tell me please can I replace MariaDB with MySQL 8, to be able to manage a MySQL 8 database? If yes how can I do it ? My second question, is there a way to integrate Wasabi storage in Virtualmin, and how can be done ? Thank you !

MySQL 8 can be installed using Software Collections: MySQL 8.0 — Software Collections

Wasabi set up:

  1. Click ‘Backup & Restore’ → ‘Cloud Storage Providers’
  2. Click ‘Amazon S3’
  3. Enter your access and secret keys
  4. Next to ’ S3-compatible server hostname’ select the input box and enter:

It should look like this:

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Can MySQL be configured from Virtualmin panel? Can be set as primary SQL server and MariaDB uninstalled?

Can MySQL be configured from Virtualmin panel?

Of course. Point the Webmin MySQL module to whatever MySQL/MariaDB database you want Virtualmin to use for its databases. Virtualmin doesn’t care, and Webmin supports both MySQL and MariaDB. Though, I should warn you our dev/testing focus is on MariaDB as it is more widely supported and used in the community at large these days, and it is the only database we install by default on all supported distros now.

If you don’t have a good reason to switch to MySQL, you should not. But, we fix bugs with MySQL support when they’re reported, and I believe support is currently pretty good with current MySQL versions up to 8.

Of course. You have to dump any existing databases with MariaDB and restore into MySQL (and you may need to do some massaging to make that work, MySQL and MariaDB dump compatibility has diverged somewhat in recent years).

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