Mysql and postgresql shut down after update


Guys, i just updated virtualmin regular update and mysql and postgresql now does not start.

Can you imagine that!?

This server got 21 websites currently running.
What may be wrong.?

No info in the log files. when i try to start it via cmb line as usual. I got something to do with swap permissions.

This is already a production server and i just cant experiment with any trial an error stuffs.

If you have any quick and nice ideas, please advice.

Thanks ,


Updating Virtualmin only alters the Perl files associated with Virtualmin… if MySQL and Postgres both aren’t starting, it sounds like something else may be awry.

Can you paste in the specific error you’re seeing, the one related to the swap permissions that you mentioned?

Also, a few other questions for you –

  • Are you running under a VPS of some sort?

  • What is the output of this command: df -h

  • And what is the output of this command: free -m