MySql and Curl PHP Prob :/

guys i am having trouble here,

I have installed curl, mysql, mcrypt and ohers but this things show that i have not enabled it to installed it. How do i do ti ?


You would need the PHP versions of those modules. For example, php-curl (or php5-curl), rather than just curl.

If you’re still having problems, let us know what distro you’re using, and we can try to provide the exact package names you need.


how do i do it ?

I have installed all the things like this wiht my ssh.

yum install php-common
yum install php-curl
yum install php-mcrypt
yum install php-mysql

It says that everything is installed and updated to the latest package. But how do i enable it ??? I can’t seem a way to fins it

Well, they’re normally enabled by default.

It sounds like you’re using CentOS there… on CentOS, there are .ini files in /etc/php.d/ that correlate to the PHP module that is being loaded.

What output do you receive if you run this command:

php -i | grep -i curl