MySQL 5.7 to MySQP 8 or MariaDB

Very good morning,

I’m trying to optimize my VPS for my Prestashop website and according to the official parameters it is recommended to use MySQL 8 or MariaDB. When I installed it, MySQL 5.7 was installed.

Is there any official way to upgrade?

I understand that it will be easier to upgrade to version 8 than to migrate to MariaDB. Is this so?

I’ve been watching tutorials to upgrade MySQL on Ubuntu 18.04, but I’d like to know if upgrading this way will be appropriate since I read old forum posts that didn’t recommend it.

What do you think?

We cannot recommend it, as if things go wrong you will be left on your own. If you really want to do it, spin up a virtual machine, and give it a good test first. I would go with MariaDB.

I understand what you’re saying, thank you very much for your quick answers. I was planning to test somewhere outside of production, but maybe the increased performance won’t make up for the time. I’ll think about it.

Do you know if there will be any official upgrade plans in the future?

Thank you again very much.