Mysql 5.6 php5.6

Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
OS version: 18.04 LTS

Hi, I need MYSQL 5.6 and PHP5.7
the PHP is easy, and have proven that the selection of multi PHP in Virtualmin works, can easily select 5.7 or 7.3 etc

the issue is MYSQL, 5.7 is installed, but breaks by databses due to the date change
I AHEV to use MYSQL 5.6. I successfully installed from here, but virtualmin will not install on top

tried the other way round, and once virtualmin is installed, MYSQL 5.6 will not install.

what do I need to do ?

That is not good advice. Install from a package, if at all possible. If you’re going to go so far outside the norm, you’re going to have to work hard to make Virtualmin comfortable with it…Virtualmin expects everything to be installed in the usual places, and expects packages to have the usual names.

Or, just fix your app so it works with the newer database.


Joe, I have the link, its the same link i provided, and yes, MYSQL 5.6 installs fins on Ubuntu 18.04, but Virtualmin does not work with it, will not start etc

if i install virtualmin on top of the PHP 5.7 / MYSQL 5.6, then virtualmin simply replaces them

how can i get virtualmin NOT to install over the top but to find the existing installs ?

You can install from a package, like I suggested.

That link is bad advice. I don’t know how else to say it. Don’t do what that link tells you to do. It is asking for trouble, regardless of what Virtualmin does. I don’t care if it “works”, it is a bad practice that will bite you in the ass later. So don’t do it.

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You are using old, outdated, no longer supported software from a questionable source.

It’s like you’re begging for someone to exploit your system.

The link uses a binary directly from the MySQL folks, so it is not from a questionable source. It’s still bad advice and nobody should follow it.

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