mysharedip:10000 forwards to my laravel website instead of virtualmin gui


My setup consists of the installation of webmin/virtualmin on a VPS using Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and Apache with a shared IP across my domains.


Whenever I point my browser to myip:10000 it brings me to my default laravel homepage. This happened after I installed laravel onto one of my domains.


I would like to point my browser to Virtualmin when I type in my ipaddress:10000. Can someone please help me through the process of fixing this? Thanks.


Odd… Now this issue no longer exists. I’m wondering if this issue occurred because I went to my that is using laravel then went to timed out. I then went to myip:10000 which brought me to the issue that I explained in my first post. I’m wondering if going to in the beginning saved the website to cache…

Anyways. Everything seems to be functioning as normal.