My website shows "Internal Server Error"

Hi, I’m using virtualmin with contabo VPS. I have added a virtual server to install a PHP script that I bought from codecanyon. I have copied those files to public_html and changed config.php permission as per the instruction. The next instruction was to go “/install,” but this shows “Internal Server Error.”

[Sun Aug 08 06:07:06.535696 2021] [core:alert] [pid 21868] [client] /home/careertabloid/public_html/.htaccess: Option FollowSymLinks not allowed here, referer:
[Sun Aug 08 06:07:11.999063 2021] [core:alert] [pid 21860] [client] /home/careertabloid/public_html/.htaccess: Option FollowSymLinks not allowed here
[Sun Aug 08 06:07:12.751559 2021] [core:alert] [pid 26479] [client] /home/careertabloid/public_html/.htaccess: Option FollowSymLinks not allowed here, referer:

using latest Virtualmin

Operating system CentOS Linux 7.9.2009

The browser error is not useful information. Please post the error_log entries for when you make a request that fails.

Also, please always include your Linux distribution and version.

i have changed

Options +FollowSymLinks


Options +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch

now works


Good to see you found a solution. This will be helpful for others.

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