My website not showing up in selected networks

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| OS type and version | Ubuntu Linux 18.04.6 |
| Virtualmin version | 7.3-1 |

i hosted my webpage at “”

site showing properly in my wifi network but not displaying in my mobile networks it display {site cant provide a secure connection || ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR}

but my ssl installed properly

Hello @Kesavan and welcome to the community.

Here is what I see when I visit the URL

It appears that your website is working normally and the lock icon is also visible. That means the SSL certificate has been installed successfully. See

The weird thing is that your website loads correctly once in about three attempts. Are you using a load balancer or something which is causing this behaviour due to a misconfiguration?

Very old clients may have problems with Let’s Encrypt certificates due to a bug in the way OpenSSL traversed the chain in very old versions.

There has been mountains of discussion about it, if that’s the problem you’re having, and there are workarounds you can implement on your side (use a different root certificate trust chain from Let’s Encrypt).

Here’s the Let’s Encrypt page about it: Chain of Trust - Let's Encrypt

Here’s the OpenSSL blog post about it: Old Let's Encrypt Root Certificate Expiration and OpenSSL 1.0.2 - OpenSSL Blog

actually when i try to open site with mobile Internet it loads the page from {/var/www/html/index} not from {/home/place2place/public_html/index}

With mobile internet connection:


i dont know why this is happening for different networks

With wifi connection


I’m confused :slight_smile: You haven’t set any HOST ips anywhere for that domain?

i am using hostinger i pointed dns properly

Probably IPv6. Your VirtualHost configurations include IPv6 options, but they’re wrong or you have some * entries. (Same problem as The Wrong Site Shows Up in the troubleshooting guide, just with IPv6+IPv4 instead of IPv4.) (3.0 KB)

hear is the error log

i tried reinstall operating system without ssl site showed up in all networks after adding ssl from lets encrypt the same problem occured its shows “it works” page

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