My website home page just showing header

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7
Package updates [All installed packages are up to date]

the homepage and the contact page is not showing the content of their pages

This is most likely to be a routing issue within the web application.
your server is responding with a blank page (well not completely blank) from within the web application - especially if other pages are displayed.
If the application was not being served you would see a much more severe message in your browser.

What is the web application (WordPress)?

@Stegan yes The CMS that i am using is wordpress

Sorry can’t help (my opinion is Wordpress is the bain of the internet and a pile of :poop: ) but know others :heart_eyes_cat: it.

It relies on PHP (something else I’m not a fan of)

lots of updates and 3rd party plugins (any one of which cause backend nightmares.)

Good luck. There are many on here who can probably help.

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Looks like a plug-in or theme problem, try deactivating all plug-ins and see if solves it, if it does start activating one by one untill the error appears again só you know wich plug-in cause it.

If the plug-in are not the cause try activating another theme, one of the default like twenty twentytree.

got the solution…

the problem was actually with the php version support with the WPBakery pugin, i used the mutiphp and downgraded the php version from 8.1 to 7.4 and all the pages that were causing issues started displaying properly


if that plugin only works with 7.4, you need to lean on the developer A LOT to have them update the plugin to php 8.2 — 7.4 is very old and no longer will receive ANY updates !!

At WPBakery Page Builder License for WordPress Page Builder Plugin it says with a paid license, you will receive all updates for a lifetime completely free of charge — do you have a paid license ? If so then maybe all you need to do is update the plugin :slight_smile:

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I like bricks builder, unlimited site as well.

runs on php 8.2

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