My virtualmin shows Sending success but recipients does not receive them

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My Virtualmin shows green when i send out emails but the does not deliver to recipients email address. Please how can i get this fix cos is making me go nut. I have been trying to solve this problem for 4 days but no improvement. Please i serious need help. My vps port is open to port 25. My virtualmin can only receive email but when i send out message to other emails no one receive it. I will be so glad if it can be fix

I don’t know what this means.

You need to look at the logs or the journal for the postfix unit. You haven’t told us your OS and version, so I can’t tell you specifically.

My OS vervision is ubuntu Linux 22.04.4

When i send with my domain after installing the virtualmin it shows me it successfully send but the recipient does not receive it in is email box

Logs (logs are king) on this would be handy, sounds like your provider is blocking port 25.

My vps port is opened

Please Joe help me out

outbound, alot of VPS provider’s block that port (due to spammers) and you need contact support to request it to be opened.
You need to show the logs when you send.
Another way to tell is mail getting queued, the queued messages should show the error.

It shows 16 mail queue

click in there, the 15 messages should show the error why they were not sent

Yep, looks like your provider is blocking your outbound port 25


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