My VirtualMin pro expires in 2 days ...


I have had VM pro for 2 years and have been very happy with it, however I have not used it for
setting up a hosting service as I originally intended.

I want to set that up in the summer on a new server, not on my current server.

What will happen to VM when it expires?

Will the whole system get blocked or just the ‘pro’
facilities ? Do I need to reinstall the open version ?

If you prefer, please email me - I guess admin has my email address ?



When it expires, it simply prevents you from obtaining additional upgrades until the license is renewed. None of the existing features will go away or be unavailable.

However, whenever you go to renew your license later – it’ll renew from the day it expired, not from the day you purchase the renewal.

If that’s a problem, and you don’t require any Pro features between now and when you intend on setting up your hosting, you may want to talk to Joe/Jamie in the support tracker to work out how best to handle all that :slight_smile: