Hi @ll,
i have a small problem with my Sub-Domains. All my Top-Level domains work correctly, but if create a sub-domain, i get a error on my browser.
The browser error is "Can’t show website’ …
What did i wrong …
i have checked up the apache config files, but i can’t see a error.
Can somebody help ???

Howdy Marlon,

You can’t possibly expect us to solve a problem with a description that is basically, “it doesn’t work”.

We need to see the error_log for that virtual server when you make a failed request.

You’ll probably also want to include the VirtualHost section for a failing virtual server.

And, we’d also want to know what you mean by “sub-domain”…By default, there is no such virtual server type in Virtualmin. Are you talking about a sub-server or a parent virtual server with a sub-domain name? (Or have you enabled the deprecated sub-domain account types and this is a sub-domain account?)