MY IP ıs routing to old address !!


I asked about rDNS yesterday because I am having problems the DNS for my server.

I initially set up my server with the main account as
My registrar is and I set up a record with them to point to my two IP addresses.

i.e. – > – >

After a year I decided not to use my .net domain and to just use my domain.

So I changed over all the settings in the BIND and also set up – > – >

That was all done about 1 month ago.

My problem is that when I use a site like ""
to chack my DNS I get this reply:

"Retrieving DNS records for
Attempt to get a DNS server for failed: does not exist in the DNS"

So it finds the old records that should be deleted by now.

Is this a reverse DNS problem or a problem with ?

The above are real IP values so I would appreciate it if someone can check out the resolution - maybe "" is not the best site to use ?


Hrm, doing a whois on that domain isn’t showing that it exists at the moment.

Are you able to verify within your opensrs account that the domain exists, and is spelled correctly?

Hi Erik.

heavyhoster.NET does not exist and there should be no opensrs account for it.

The two IP addrsses should refer back to: – > – >

I am concerned that when typing in the IP address into "" it does not come up with BUT it comes up with heavyhoster.NET !!

Is that because of bad Reverse DNS ?
Hope that clarifies my concern.


Okay – yeah, I misunderstood the first time I read that.

Yeah, the reverse DNS for is indeed returning the incorrect name. Fixing that should just be a matter of calling up your ISP/provider and having them put in the correct name (using .com rather than .net).

That should be fairly straight forward for them to correct.

Have a good one!

adding to that you need to fix some minor issues.
this tells you what