My few cents about Virtualmin

I did use old forum before not having account credintials anymore.

So for those wondering what is he doing or writing.
I am not English and have some Dyslexia problems. :wink:

Explain why i use against advice JOE and virtualmin other then OS packages / Repos yes from the first start of using virtualmin.

Virtualmin in this case Webmin was for me new in 2017.

But started with CENTOS 7 virtualmin CODEITGURU HTTPD repo and remi PHP repo , and mariadb itself repo , to have newer versions of those and also new up to date opensssl and HTTP2 , multiple PHP FPM and so on.

Sofar so good still running that one box for simple small… .

Now extra a alma 8.4 x with again a not OS repo Mariadb 10.6x and 2 extra Multiple remi php fpm, with HTTP2 and OCSP. ( hopefully httpd and openssl stay’s modern enough in OS package in time)

Those boxes i use mainly to test some website things and Apllications.

Also to keep some knowledge about server admin and such stuff more up to date.

That is all, therefore i share if time some knowledge here on forum , and like to be a kind of pain in the … pointing out possible “BUGS” or old to old wrong docs.

I hope you like some discussions sometime, all can have their own opinion about, but take care to be yes sharp is ok but nice enough, there is way to much agression in the world because we can’t read very well, and are to quick with our fingers writing on the web. :wink:

Stay healty, and keep your boxes SAFE to.!
BACKUPS, and check random if they have all your data in it in the right format and yes no utf…!

Virtualmin is OK for me, and sofar i see for a lot of users to.

Yea i know i can’t get support , if i have some i ask and do websearch, If something then most of the time a update need some extra attention while or buggy, of failure or applications not compliant anymore with newer versions / configs. And me behind the keyboard making failures to.

If no explicite need don’t use FTP in the old way, only while you are used to it. :wink:

Centos 8 to Alma migration seems to be easy and ok also for virtualmin stuff version 6.17 now

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