MX records, Thunderbird, Postfix, Dovecot

I give up the mail server, but not the web server. For now, I am going to use a third party to set up my email. Thanks for the offer though =)

It is false that vultr , digital ocean, ovh, and bluehost are blocked …thst has nothing to do with blocking .
Ip addresses usually get blocked not hosts.
You can get your own ip address…has nothing to do with the hostname and unless your system is responsible for spamming others and you allow hackers to use your system to attack others (in which case, your ip address will get blocked)
Most of the attacks i get come from other hosting providers…ive rarely had hacking from any of these network providers.

Anyone buying cheapass gets what they pay for. You buy cheap because you are a startup with low budget. That has obvious drawbacks. We all have to navigate our way through such things…i mean the O.P was talking about self hosting on his home computer,…and now someone complains about ovh or digital ocean? Honestly, are you for real? Ok then you only option is the Microsoft Azure network if you believe that crap!

I have just never had mail server reputation issues on vultr, google cloud or Azure (cheap ranging to expensive). It has nothing to do with the service provider …it doesnt even look at that…its your ipaddress!


I realise you’ve given up with this but after reading through I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions.

Above, you mentioned that you’ve opened some ports but you didn’t say on which device these were opened; and you mention that you won’t get access to your landlord’s ISP account.

  • are you able to access and configure the household’s router?

  • are these ports open at the router, and redirecting to your virtualmin host?


Yes, that is where I opened the ports and they were routed to my host.

I got access to the router, but I won’t be allowed to handle with the ISP.

This is a bit off-topic and is being done in the interest of factually correcting some of the things which you ranted about. I had stated that Vultr, DO, OVH block port 25, which is a fact. See in case of Vultr. Quite deliberately VPS hosts block port 25 regardless of the price point at which they operate. You can do your own research for the other brands mentioned.

You went off on a tangent, @adamjedgar about IP addresses being blocked and whatnot, from the little that I could understand of your rant. I hope I have set the record straight.

If you feel unable to resist the urge to debate this further, please start a new thread.

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