Multiple wordpress domain setup with virtualmin

OS type and version ubunutu 18
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7.gpl-3
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I am trying to setup a multi domain with wordpress and virtualmin. I have done all the wordpress configuration, and I can get to domain1 I get the wp website, but when I try to go to domain2 I get the virtualmin default website.
Can anyone point me on how I would go about setting it up so that would point to my site in wordpress?
I am trying to configure multiple domains in the same wordpress installation and manage user files and configurations with virtualmin.

Thanks for any help in advance!

Hello @sgb77 and welcome to the community.

In Virtualmin, create a virtual server as an alias of domain2.tld for every additional domain that you wish to add to your WordPress multisite instance.

Hi @calport
Thanks for the information, not exactly what I was looking for but made me look at the virtual server configuration again. Looks like the problem was, when I created a new virtual server in webmin I had the Apache website enabled option checked, which would override wordpress.

My next challenge is to figure out how to create an SSL certificate, now that I can’t do it in virtualmin.
Thanks for the help.

I could be using the wrong terminology, and I am very comfortable editing my apache config files by hand with VI — for my multisite wordpress, I simply add the 2nd domain name as an apache ServerAlias to the primary domain, that way apache will accept it and pass the connection along to wordpress as that 2nd domain URL.

hi @sgb77 I can help you with this issue, been doing this for years. I am free to help you out in any day time in UK time zone - charge is £25 per hour for this one. Have a fantastic day.

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