Multiple Virtualmin Servers. 1 for web and 1 for mail

Hello all. I have been searching for a way to do this for sometime, but have not found a good way of doing this as of yet so I thought I would post here for some help.

I have two servers that are currently running the latest version of Virtualmin GPL. I have one of them setup as the “files” server where the actual websites will be held and the other one will handle all of the mail for the domains setup. I am looking for a way to automate the backup and restore feature built into Virtualmin.

I have made a couple of scripts that will back up the database(s) then copy the file(s) over to the mail server and then re-load the database(s) via the “mysql -u admin -p pass mysql < mysql.sql” command. However I am not seeing the domains mirroring over. I only see the tables updating in the mysql database. Is there some other database that I need to be updating?

Please ask any questions so I can help clarify, and THANK YOU for any and all suggestions.


A quick and easy way to automate the Virtualmin backups would be to use the command line tools. Once you get them working the way you want, you could then add them to Cron.

You can read about using the Virtualmin command line to generate backups here:

@rbishop: What exactly are you trying to accomplish with the backup-and-restore procedure? Mirroring the creation of Vmin domains from one server to another, with different sets of features enabled?

I doubt you’ll be able to do that by simply transferring a backup over (since that will turn on exactly the same features as on the source) or syncing the MySQL database table (since Virtualmin does not store any of its internal information there).

You’d need to write some custom scripts to mirror domain creation/setup. Virtualmin cannot - as far as I know - do out-of-the-box what you’re trying.

The more I think about what I need done, the less I think it can be accomplished…I would have to setup users, permissions, etc, not to mention setting up the individual program credentials…ie. MySQL, etc.

Thanks for the input guys. Guess I just needed to bounce my idea off someone else.

yes i have been trying to get this figured out… also… i am looking to have one server for webpages one server for DNS1 one server For DNS2 one server for mail one server got MySQL and have them all work with the one Virtualmin i have screened through this for awile now… also… i have not found anything that would help anyone have any ideas about this? i am one that does not like to have all on one server… that way if one goes down i still have all the rest still running… is there any way of doing this? and ideas would be Great…

For the mysql part I would definitely look into “mysql replication” feature.