Multiple servers


I’m more a developer than a sys admin, so maybe what I ask sounds stupid, but I usually only put everything on only 1 server.

But I was wondering, if I want to use 2 servers only dedicated for the DNS (let’s say ns1 and ns2), and another one (or maybe more) where I install my websites, how, when I create my virtual servers in virtualmin, that would automatically update the DNS records for ns1 and ns2?

Because now, when I use 1 server for everything, it’s all managed at the same place so it’s simple, but I don’t really get it if I separate everything.

I don’t know if I am clear, thx ^^


You can do that if you use your Virtualmin server as a master DNS server (even if your users only use the other two).

If Virtualmin is the master, it can be configured to update ns1 and ns2, configured as slaves, anytime the DNS on Virtualmin is changed.

For that to work, you would need to run Webmin on ns1 and ns2.

There is info on setting up one DNS slave here:

And you could use those instructions to setup a second slave.


Ok cool, thank you :slight_smile:

And another stupid question (not related to the previous one), let’s say I have my main server, with many websites on it, and I want another server (a vps) to send newsletter, let’s say

So I will create on the vps the virtual server (for example), so the only thing I need to do on main is to add the entry in the DNS record with the IP of the server, right?
(it might sounds stupid, but I just want to make sure I do things right ^^)


Well, what’s your goal with having another server send the newsletter?

A different way to do that would be to put the website and newsletter software on your primary domain – using something like phpList – and then configure that software to relay the newsletters out via another email server.

Then, rather than needing to manage an entire webserver, you could simply have a second system with a bare minimal email server running Postfix… and it’s job would be to handle the load of sending out newsletters.

Would that do what you’re after?


I want to put on another server, because I live in china now, and bandwidth is super expensive (10E for 1 MBps), so we have our websites on 1 server, with only 10 M for the bandwidth. And when we want to send the newsletter, we have to do it at night.

So I was thinking renting an OVH VPS in North america, very cheap, with a lot of bandwidth, and we can send at any time.

edit: and also my question was more for a general case :slight_smile:

If I have that needs its own server, not on, do I configure the way I said earlier? set in let’s say and set subdomain set in the DNS record on main, in

I hope I’m clear ^^


I’ve designed a number of custom setups specifically designed with multiple Virtualmin/Webmin installs all talking together to create a nice cluster of services.

In our current infrastructure we have “web” servers which host website content, “email” servers which host email, “sql” servers which host databases, and “dns” servers which handle the public DNS queries for our infrastructure. We also have a number of “SMTP” servers in place specifically used for outbound traffic balancing, and a number of CDN servers used for delivering static content (images/javascript/css) to people based on their geographic region.

Okay, so as you can see pretty crazy, and perhaps seemingly insane setup?

If you’d like to learn how to get this type of infrastructure, or even a portion of it going in admittinglyyour design, feel free to drop me a line on Skype. Most of these services work together, and some are admittingly a bit independent of one another, but once you get going it’s pretty crazy fun what you can accomplish.

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions

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