Multiple PHP Versions 5.3 / 5.4 on Debian 7.5 + VM 4.07 + WM 1.680

Hi ,
We have multiple websites hosted on one server working on Debian 7.5 + VM 4.07 + php5.3
but we need another php version working in the same time , php5.3 for old web sites and php5.4 for futur developement ,futur shoppingcart.

I see issue in the forum for centos server but nothing with debian …

is possible to have two version of php with VM + debian?

Many thanks for any info ,issue, hack

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It can work with Debian and Ubuntu – it’s just not as easy :slight_smile:

CentOS has alternate PHP packages available for it that are designed to run side-by-side with the default PHP packages.

What you could do though is manually compile PHP, and place it into paths similar to what you see in the instructions here for CentOS:

Once you do that, Virtualmin would detect it when running the Re-Check Config.


Many thanks andreychek for info.

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