Multiple PHP and MySQL


How would it be possible to use multiple PHP and MySQL version as well in the same Webmin/Virtualmin server?

I have managed to get PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.4 at the same time, but PHP 5.6 doesn’t work really great with MySQL 8+ so I’m trying to install some older version of MySQL at the same time of newest MySQL.

Multiple PHP versions = yes.
Multiple MySQL versions = no.
I am not 100% sure about the MySQL part, but that is what I am assuming and what would make the most sense about it.

All right - multiple MySQL is not possible.
How about able to change MySQL version? So that default is not the latest, but I get to choose which MySQL version gets installed?

Multiple MySQL is not (easily) possible on one Virtualmin server but Virtualmin supports remote SQL servers, so you do have a way forward if you are willing to deploy additional resources.

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