Multiple logins to single mail account

For my domain, example, I have a user I use the username ian to login to that. Is it possible to create another user say bob that can also login to the ian@ mailbox?

I know how to do the aliases but I want seperate logins to the same account, specifically email and wonder if that can be done.

Hope that makes sense.

Running on CentOS, VMPro latest.


I don’t believe any solution that involves two different user accounts accessing the same mailbox would be overly desirable.

One option would be to have one account, such as, forward to two different accounts.

But, I suspect you want to be able to know when email has been seen by the other person and such.

At that point, you could have one mailbox, with two people accessing it.

If someone opted to respond to a message – perhaps you could set it up so that email sent by them had a different "From" address?

To have two different accounts using the same mailbox folders, you’d have to create two users each with the same home directory – and I unfortunately think that may be asking for trouble.


The solutions was so I could get address say a, b and c then another user who could read them all.

Yeah, I’d just setup a mailbox with multiple aliases – and if you wanted more than one user to read it, I’d give the same account info to those multiple users.