Multiple issues getting started

First off I’m on a private server with no dns and no plans to setup dns for my machine any time soon.

I only need to access my servers through internal ip and their directory. So I softlinked the site public_html folders in the Main DocRoot:


This makes them easily accessible, however I cannot get php working on any of the domains not even in the Main DocumentRoot.

When I go to Server Configurations > PHP Versions, it throws:
“Website options cannot be edited, as no Apache virtual host for port 80 was found!”

How do I correctly make them accessible from internal ip and get php working?

Ubuntu 14.04/Virtualmin 4.10

I think what you are looking to do could be accomplished using mod_userdir.

But your error message is telling you what is wrong: You don’t have a entry in the apache configuration. You would need to create them manually though as creating a virtual server with Virtualmin requires a domain name to be used I believe.

Without taking the time to really sit down and figure out an exact solution for you, I am afraid I cannot be much more help. What your asking doesn’t really follow the way Virtualmin likes doing things (I believe). You might be better off just doing all your configurations by hand.

Sorry I cannot be of much more help.