Multi Network Card Virtualmin Setup

Hi All

We have brought a new server for our websites and it has come with 2 network cards. 1 port is a shared irmc port. We want to have the shared port on our local network say this address will be remote managment but also be able to access virtualmin admin. The second card to have connection to our static IP addresses for hosting.

Can this be done? Easily?
If so can anyone point me in the direction of some documentation that will assist me in setting this up within virtualmin. The linux version we are using is Centos 6.



It sounds like you just need to setup two network interfaces in Webmin -> Networking -> Network Interfaces – a public IP on one of your interfaces, and your LAN IP on the other interface.

Your default gateway would need to be setup to use the public IP address.


Hi Eric

I have setup 2 interfaces ETH0 and ETH1. ETH0 has the main multi IP and the other is the internal network and this works. Is there a way to force the backup to use ETH1 instead of ETH0 which is the default? The reason is we have a NAS on the internal network that we backup to and it is pointless sending the data out onto the net and back in on another connection! Also the internal netwoks external IP changes every so often so I would also like to run ther DYNDNS service but that also looks like it will only run on ETH0?