Multi domain names, different languages

Hi guys!

Here’s my configuration: (ENG) (FR)

Wordpress and WPML are installed and the translation works great if I select the correct language on the

Now, I would like to make a permanent redirection of to but I would like to keep the URL of everytime on the website, with the possibility to select the ENG language and be redirected on

Is that clear? hehe

So, Is there a specific configuration to set with Virtualmin?

Thanks a lot!

Edit: (FR) now redirect (301) on but the url displayed is still Is it possible to see only and hide ?

You could use an iframe HTML element on the domain you wish the visitor sees in his web browser address bar to call the URL that you wish the visitor does not see. That’s one way to hide the URL though it is not foolproof or without its disadvantages, particularly if your visitor does lots of switching back and forth between languages.

Virtualmin offers a proxy configuration feature and this could be an alternative approach for you to try if the iframe idea does not work too well.

There might even be ways to use URL rewrite rules in htaccess to get exactly the outcome that you are after.

Outside of Virtualmin there are PHP proxy scripts (Google is your friend) which can work quite well if your e-commerce website is simple enough in terms of its UI.

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