Mr. Joe ;o)

It is not a help for newbies it is HELP ;o))

When there would be a conference in Prague - the center of mother Europe ? Please let me know - our company of course will help with anything.

I swear that Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe!

And it is in center ;o))

I know that you are so important person that you have any time to visit us - but - try to speculate about this - many Virtualmin followers will take this as their chance get deeply into administration as I take you as master administrator of mine ;o)))

A part of Prague, mainly city center, is indeed most beautiful. Been there a few times and had great times. Carl’s Bridge whoa!

I would love to visit Prague! It’s high on my list of places to visit (seriously, one of our investors was just asking on the mailing list where all of their portfolio companies chat about places to visit in Europe that were “old world and pristine”, and Prague was mentioned by several folks…it convinced me!).

It’d be awesome if we could figure out a way to make a business trip out of it. But, we’ve never even pulled together a barcamp or anything in the states. When we launch VM2, I think we’ll start doing more stuff like that, and maybe I can even pull together a budget for a “VM2 World Tour”. :wink:

So, who would come out to see us, if we came to your town? (Really, let me know where you folks, who’d be interested in some sort of free or very low cost educational conference, are located.)

I don’t know how to start. I am with webmin for about 5 years and now I can say that it was my gateway to UNIX.

I hope that there would be about 50 people minimaly from Czech Rep. that would visit your conference.

How can I describe it more?

You got the most important system on planet. I take virtual and webmin like that. Because now I know that it isn’t abou web administration. I take it like set of tools which many friends of mine wrote themselfs - with no success.

I am person who takes the best from the net and from licences and I found that you are 2 or 3 levels far away from others. I am feeling it I am using it I am administrating it. I use commandline every day but Virtualmin gives me ORDER for all tasks done usually.

And that invitation for conference were just try to get you into old mother Europe.

And one question - what is VM2 - if it isn’t a secret ;o) ?

In my opinion it would be a good strategy to visit open source/software congresses where also other companies demonstrate their product.

There are a few in Amsterdam, Holland and Frankfurter Messe, Germany that could really boost the brand for you in Europe. Per haps such events take place in Prague, Paris etc. so you could do a tour if dates line up. Traveling in Europe is a piece of cake regarding distance :wink:
You can travel through 5 countries in 1 day

for instance ICT events: