Moving Users from the main server to a sub-server

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04.5
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5

After migration from cPanel, all users have been assigned to the main server.

Is there any way to move some of the Users from the main server to a sub-server?

Not entirely clear what you want to do here, but you can ‘move’ a server from one parent to another, and you can clone a server. These tools are available from the left menu in virtualmin.

I don’t want move or clone a server. I want to move some of the Users from the main Server to a sub-server.

Not 100% sure, but you maybe able to edit the users in webmin and change the group settings to the domain you want.

Why not clone and then delete uses from the virtual server as per your requirement? Delete users you do not want in the original and delete users you do not want in the clone.

You have, in effect, moved users.

How do you clone users?

Keep in mind that, for example, User 1 is Under the main Virtual Server, and I want to move it to, for example, Sub-Server 1.

Not sure cloning would be the answer, as the clone would still be under its original Server?
In any case I cannot see a ‘clone’ function anywhere…

Also consider that these are active users that may or may not have lots of email under them.

I’ve asked chatGPT how to move users from one Virtualmin server to the other.
The answer sounds so very competent and informative, you find yourself believing this is truly the future
– until you realize there is no “Export” function under users at all.
It’s all made-up.


AI is a sociopathic geek with no sense of reality.

Once caught lying, AI mires itself in even more made-up crap that has no bearing with reality

Did you have a look at webmin user and groups as I suggested? Also it has export to batch file, you may edit the batch file to suit a import of what you need.

In Webmin Users I only find one user, the main user/admin of the whole thing (me) - while under the Main server there are 10+ users, with their email accounts, that the migrating tool originally imported from cPanel and stuck under there.
Virtualmin>Edit Users “Mail and FTP Users”

Your looking the wrong place, its not webmin users, its the system users and groups.
Also if you do it anything take a screenshot so you can revert the changes.

Yes you are right, the users are there. Thank you for the heads up!

I see they can be cloned - but maybe I could directly edit their home directory? It seems after clicking on cloning one is presented with a very similar set of options anyway.

Still it’s not entirely clear, how I can assign the user to a sub-server by either cloning or editing? Which part decides this?

Home page would be the issue. A clone should create the home, you need to change the group to the new domain and maybe the username too to reflect. With all the effort wouldn’t it be easier to just add the user in VM, if password is the issue just copy the encrypted password and add it into the new user via the webmin user in the Pre-encrypted password section.

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