Moving to new server

I have an old web server running Virtualmin. I have commissioned a new box which will take over from the existing one. Once the new one is all set up I will decommission the old one. The question is will I have a problem installing Virtualmin Pro on the new box and restoring all my domains ? I expect the switchover to take about a week. So really I need to have Virtualmin Pro running on both for just one week. Can I do this, as it seems crazy to have to buy a second license just for that one week ?


I’m certain they’d have no problem at all with you doing the above.

First, Joe and Jamie have mentioned on various occasions that they have no problem with folks running a second copy of Virtualmin as a "hot spare".

Joe also said here that the license permits a migration similar to what you’re trying to do:

And the Virtualmin license policy does permit migration of a license to a new machine. You can even have a "hot spare". Our license policy is extremely friendly as we can be while still hopefully insuring we can make a living working full-time on Virtualmin.

You should be in good shape. Good luck with your migration!