Moving from cPanel: really struggling

am really struglling/unable to move my “domains”/virtual servers to VM.
Now, my linux admin has managed to move several, but it always took him a long time and he is not available right now, so am back to my own devices and try and try…
Am not sure if deleting a failed attempt (virtual server ) is agood idea, but made ie. a mistake with SSL cert (VM jumps to first virtual server) after migration, and I accidentally added domain to wrong cert then - tried to solve that by removing the server, and remigrate it)

Now it seems something is messed up… when remigrating and trying to activate SSL I always get this:
" … Webalizer reporting failed! : Failed to open /home/mymentor/.stats-htpasswd for writing : Permission denied

Creating SSL certificate and private key …
… SSL website failed! : Failed to open /home/mymentor/ssl.cert.webmintmp.32107 : Permission denied at /usr/libexec/webmin/ line 1496, line 1. "

any idea why that is?

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