moving a webmin/virtualmin install

hello all,

I have a 2 year old install of virtualmin/webmin on ubuntu on

I am looking for someone to help me move it to a new server. I think I will host it will

I will buy the server with linode and install the distribution that you recommend.

I need your help installing virtualmin/webmin and configuring it. Once you are done I need help moving about 5-6 simple small worpress sites from my old server to the new one that you just installed.

I don’t think this will take more than a couple of hours.

Are you interested? I am on a pretty small budget.



I wanted to mention that if you wanted to try your hand at doing all that yourself, there are instructions here on how to migrate from one Virtualmin server to another:

thanks for the info… I can do the migration myself.

I just need someone to help me install and configure virtualmin/webmin.

I will provide a fresh install of any distro on a VPS

Still need help with this ?

Yes, I still need help with this, can you help perhaps?

Yes I can… email me at sgrayban @ gmail dot com or skype:sgrayban