Moving a heavy virtual server

To backup a virtual server with a lot of files I checked all the options available but the /home and logs
All data has been restored (unix user, databases, etc).

How do you recommend to move the directories keeping owner and permissions?
Some of them are VS owner but others are apache (browser’s user) or sshadmin
To copy the data I use rsync from the new server logged in ssh as the owner of the VS. The problem is that apache’s files are chown to VS owner.

I know that compressing in a single file will fix this, but the reason to not to use it is HD room.
Thanks for any clue.

A Linux user can only create files owned by themselves – if a Virtual Server owner copies a file owned by Apache, the copy will then be owned by the Virtual Server owner, not Apache.

The only solution is to use root when copying/restoring the files.

Virtualmin does handle that for you when using it’s backup function, but you can accomplish something similar by authenticating as root when using rsync.