Moving a 300GB server to a new VPS

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6
Webmin version 2.111
Usermin version 2.010
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Theme version 21.10
Package updates All installed packages are up to date

Hello friends,

I want to transfer my server to a different hosting provider but the issue is it’s a WordPress website and the size of it is around 300GB please suggest me an easy way to transfer it securely to my new server any feedback is highly appreciated.


I think this would work for the database files too but this is a little out of my area.

try to analyse what using so much space, you maybe able to reduce it first.
Virtualmin backup and restore works fine for moving.


If that 300Gb is from multiple domains, you could set up the new server with Virtualmin and the transfer one at a time right from the Virtualmin menu.

Rsync is good for the 300 GB virtual server, as @ID10T suggests. His suggestion are good despite his handle.

But for the database, best to use Virtualmin - Databases on the old server to backup the database via the button there; then import to the new server.

I have to agree. 300Gb is really big especially for a single/small number of domains. It is starting to get into commercial scale where a separate DB server should be considered (even managed) - some hosting providers provide this as an option.

Many of us seem to forget that DB management is important. (heck some folk make a whole career of it)

I’ve never used the VM backup to move a site. If it requires a tar file then that is one big file. Just having the space to create it is a problem, not including processor resources. rsync will do it one file at a time.

Depending on what the remote file system is, I’d suggest looking at rclone.

Does MariaDB have a replicate function? Or a method to run dual copies? It might sync up a new instance. That would help with the DB issue. I know WP uses a db but I don’t know how much is actually stored there.

Wonder why no one seams to use the virtualmin function ‘transfer domain’ it works for me flawlessly all the dns records are correctly updated to the new ip, users recreated correctly databases recreated correctly and of course available via the virtualmin gui

I have on occasion used RYsink to move a lot of large VM backup files from one server to another. Never one 300gig though.

Moving from Ubuntu Linux 20.04 to a new server with Ubuntu Linux 22.04 I had to fix the databases from MySQL to MariaDB. There was a change in character set. Can’t find my notes but will keep looking.


RSynk vs RClone

Most seem to have that problem when moving from mysql to maria … however you can bend the rules, by installing mysql before you run the virtualmin installer fixes any database coralation problems you may have. It would appear that mariadb doesn’t understand somethings that mysql does, perhaps it’s trying to hard to be compatable and missing some fringe features of mysql

at times I will make a partial backup of a wordpress site (in a Virtualmin virtual server), skipping the uploads folder, as often that is my single biggest directory tree, then as a separate operation, SCP or SFTP that tree to my target server just after doing the Virtualmin restore — so as to keep the TAR.GZ files much smaller.

I only do this on websites where I have some control, or coordination with the admins, so there are no changes or updates being done – so I feel comfortable I will end up with a complete accurate copy on my target system. In the Backup Server dialog, expand the section Features And Settings, then drill into Files To Exclude From Each Domain area – and be sure to click on that phrase to read the popup help panel :slight_smile:

Its the way we always do it …

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