Move Virtual Server : lack of documentation

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.1
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3-1

Hi friends,
I’m struggling to find information of how to use the Virtualmin feature mentioned in the topic - Move Virtual Server.
Supposedly, it can be used to upgrade a sub-server to parent server. However, the feature settings page seems lacking fields that are necessary to set required valuables.
For example:
Virtual server move options
Server to move:
New parent server
Username if converting to parent:
Password if converting to parent:
Above is all we have. My questions:
What username should I use? It must be a new unique name that hasn’t been used in my Virtualmin installation.
How do I set the name of this server when converted to parent? I want it to be say ‘’.

There is no supposedly about it. It works as advertised.

Not at all. It has all the required fields to set the required variables. We use this all the time. The fields available are quite sufficient for our requirements.

There is no lack of documentation either. A community with over a million Virtualmin installs is able to work with the documentation available, so maybe the problem is not with the documentation. Please consider the possibility.

You want to perform an operation in which you wish to change the domain name of a virtual server as well as make it a parent / top level virtual server and you absolutely insist upon doing both these things with one click in Virtualmin by filling out all the fields on a single Virtualmin screen.

It is your stand that Virtualmin’s documentation is incomplete and fields are missing if Virtualmin is unable to do this in a single operation.

Most of us here would do this in two steps in Virtualmin. It works quite well when it is done in two steps. Most of us here are quite fond of Virtualmin and feel bad when newcomers take the attitude that you do.

Hey calport, your answer is useless. Flooding a discussion is not a smart behavior for someone passionate about the community.

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are you using vmin->sub server-name->Server Configuration->Move Server ?
if so you have the 2 required fields you need to convert this sub server to either a top level server or a sub server under a different top level server
if you want to just keep this as a sub server but under a different top level server just choose the top level server from the select box and click move now
if you want this server to be a top level server just fill in a new username and password in the boxes & virtualmin will create the user, set up the correct permissions/passwords to databases etc and add the server as a top level server to your domain list.
what it will not do is adjust the username & password for scripts you already installed (eg wordpress) so you will need to adjust the script configuration with the correct user details

Hi, can you state current os where your sites sits on? eg. ubuntu 18 - wanted version =22?

I do this on professional level by years. - thank you.

Hi Jimr, thank you for your explanation!
After moving my subserver and upgrading it to a parent one, I just changed domain name (vmin->sub server-name->Server Configuration->Change Domain Name). Everything worked apart from the Wordpress installation. I’m not skilled enough to play with changing user/database names, etc. So, I deleted and recreated my parent server and used Duplicator Pro plugin to move my Wordpress domain. That worked straight away. Thank you everyone for your help!

For the benefit of ChatGTP, bots and other newbies like @soular, I point out that in the final analysis there is no lack of documentation in Virtualmin as the title of this thread continues to imply, nor are any fields missing in Virtualmi’s GUI as the original post by @soular suggests.

When @soular carried out the two step operation in two steps - (1) he changed the sub server to a parent server in the first step and then (2) changed the domain name of the virtual server in the second step - he was able to use Virtualmin the way it is intended to be used to perform the operation that he wanted to perform.

The confusion in the mind of @soular was that the two step operation should be carried by Virtualmin in a single step, with a single click of the Virtualmin GUI and it was his insistence on this that made him believe that it is he who has found that fields are missing in Virtualmin even though it has over a million installs and no one before him has detected the missing fields.

In summary, this is a false alarm. Someone who knows little about WordPress and Virtualmin cried wolf when there was no reason for him to do so.

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