move cgi-bin to apache document root

I have almost finished migrating all of our (100+) websites from an old redhat box to a new vmware-ubuntu-virtualmin box. So far, so good. We are already reaping the benefits of having a console that non-tech people can use to manage email acounts, freeing up technical resources. Managing quotas, checking machine resources, etc., is a snap with your interface. I do not know how I managed without it!

I have just 4 really old websites left to migrate. They are pretty large, and use cgi from a cgi-bin folder at the apache document root level. I do not feel like taking the time to recode all that stuff! Can I move the items in the virtual server cgi-bin down one level into the public_html directory, and link the original bin to it, without damaging virtualmin functionality? Something like:

cd /home/

mv lang lib plugins ./public_html/cgi-bin

cd …

ln -s /home/ /home/

and then repoint the apache ScriptAlias? Any directions/ideas you may have for something like this would be appreciated!



You can safely do this, as Virtualmin plays fair with custom configurations in the Apache config files, in fact it only inserts a template based entry in during the creation process, so you will be fine.

We have done various configuration changes to our Apache config file, and they were not affected by Virtualmin one bit.

Good luck!

Reply, if you have any other requirements, and I or someone else will provide further assistance as needed.