Move alias from one domain to another?

Hi all,

I need to move alias domains around, that is, a domain that’s an alias of should become an alias of Ideally I’d be able to move batches of domains at once.

What the best way to accomplish this? I’m using Virtualmin Pro on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Regards,



While there is a feature in Virtualmin that enabled you to move a Virtual Server from one parent to another, it doesn’t look like that works for alias servers.

So inside the Virtualmin GUI, the only way to do that today would be to delete the alias, and re-create it where you want it.

Outside of the GUI, you could always explore the Virtualmin command line tools, as they can be scripted to handled batches and such.

You’d probably still need to delete then re-add the aliases, but by scripting it through the command line tools, that can work pretty effortlessly.

If you ran something like “virtualmin delete-domain”, then “virtualmin create-domain --domain --alias”, that would probably do the trick (though be sure to test it before running it against a live domain).