Mount Linux drive on Mac OS X desktop?

Hi all,

I just deployed a local testing server running Virtualmin under CentOS 6.2.

Up to now I’ve been developing on my MacBook Pro and running local sites straight off the same machine. I’m moving my local sites over to the new Virtualmin machine to make the local testing environment a little more ‘realistic’.

While of course I can FTP across to the server, it would make life easier if I could mount the CentOS server on the Mac desktop as a network drive.

Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how much configuration and/or third party software is involved?



Well, I’m not a Mac guy, so I don’t know all the options available to you… but if you wanted to upload sites for the user “foo”, you could always setup SSHFS on your Mac, which would allow you to mount any directory that you could view via SSH.


just zip/tar the site up and ftp it to the server, then unzip/untar it.