More than 40 processes running on the same account by php-cgi7.4

OS type and version Ubuntu 20
Virtualmin version 7.0

I am running Virtualmin on a barebone 8GB RAM VPS with nothing else besides FTP, Apache and MySQL (not even emails) but for some reasons, my memory is always at 90+%.

When looking at running processes, I noticed that there are a lot of php-cgi7.4 processes for each of the accounts (40+ processes). That’s close to 4GB of RAM just for one account.

What should I do/check in this situation? It looks like 8GB of RAM should be able to handle more than 4 sites. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Yes, 8 GB should be enough for four websites.

To limit the aamoraesthetics account to a certain number of processes, switch to PHP-FPM and set max_children to whatever reasonable value you like. That will limit the processes and the memory consumed by aamoraesthetics

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php-fpm is wildly more efficient for most use cases (the heavier the load, the better it does…very low load sites may be a bit better on fcgi).

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