more ram or higher CPU load

hello all

I’m new to Webmin/Virtualmin so please be gentle.

I’ve installed Virtualmin and I’m going through the setup process, the wizard is asking about high Ram versus High CPU load.

I’m using Virtualmin on a VM on a cloud server with eukhost, Its a pay as you go setup, I pay for both RAM and CPU load so which would be more cost effective?

Virtualmin not going to be client facing, I’m the only one (at the moment) who will be using it so speed isn’t the biggest issue, however if the cost is the same then I should have it faster.

The VM currently has CentOS 32bit with 1GB ram and one CPU x5600, though that may change.

thanks for any help



An optimal setup would be to use the RAM – for a little bit of RAM, it makes things a lot more CPU efficient.

The only time that may not be worthwhile is if you have a particularly small amount of email traffic you receive – maybe just a handful an hour, and where it’s unlikely you’d receive two at once.

But, usually, I’d vote for using the RAM if you can :slight_smile:


Great info thanks

They are low volume sites but might receive more than one email at once.

So I should use the extra ram for emails but not for Virtualmin, as I don’t mind waiting for the page to load.




Yup, that would work!

Virtualmin only requires about 40MB of RAM (on a 32bit system) even when fully loading the libraries though.

However, it would save a little bit of RAM by not loading those libraries, it all adds up!

That brings up another point though – I’d definitely recommend using a 32 bit oeprating system, it’ll use a lot less RAM.


Yes it is on CentOS 32bit 1024 ram and 1X5600 CPU, I can reduce or increase this but at the moment as its not hosting anything yet its barely registering any resource use!

I do tend to do alot of research before starting projects…understanding the research, now that’s another thing altogether! I read this article before starting:

Does it permanently run 40mb ram 24 7, or more when the GUI is in use?

So far although I haven’t done much with it it seems to be far less greedy than Cpanel.

thanks for the help


Does it permanently run 40mb ram 24 7, or more when the GUI is in use

Well, it’s not hard coded to 40MB, that’s just a rough number based on the current usage I see on my own server here. That may be a little more or less, depending on how exactly it’s used on your server.