More options for Usermin Automatic Reply

Suggesting more features for Automatic Reply.

Reply Just Once. Stops repeat replies to the same sender. They might not be paying attention, might be a no-reply address or worst case a mail list that rebroadcasts every email.

Reply Only If To Me. Reduces problems with group emails etc.

Possibly No Reply To list, though that requires users to be proactive.

Yes, but only if a record/list was kept of the attempt having been made.

I find auto reply only is used:

  • A system/domain master “no-reply” used to send one off emails that are specifically intended never to get an email response (like when sending a OTP) or system notification.
  • specific “out of office, away on holiday, gone shopping/surfing/awol” placed by user - which tend to be temporary

I’m not sure what this means. Why would I be sending to a no-reply that I can see is a “no reply”

It would ignore an email addressed to eg Undisclosed-recipients or to someone else but with you included probably as CC which tends to happen with home made mailing lists.

It only reacts if the email is specifically addressed to you.

Exactly, you might be smart enough but Usermin currently isn’t - nor are a lot of users.

How do you manage those conditions with Usermin though?

Even an away for holiday reply can cause havoc if the user is a member of a maillist and it repeats every time anyone else on the list responds.

I think - badly.

The no-reply@domain.tld is used by the web app and a polite autoresponder is seen better than just bouncing all incoming mail (never have managed to figure out how to just bounce everything here).

other user@domain.tld autoresponders tend to be managed quite well by the users (as well as they manage mailboxes) also most use a client app. Thunderbird/GMail

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