Monitoring disk usage

I would like to know if there is a way in VM that tells me how much disk space I have left to sell based on the space I have already sold? Or, do you guys recommend any way of monitoring this. It would suck to oversell space.

Unless if in "System Information" where it says "Local Disk Space", that actual free space is already taking into account the space allocated for existing accounts created by the templates I have set up?


you can click the little graph and choose
Disk quota used
Disk space used

Then you see what users can have and what is actually filled with data.


Thanks for your reply. This I know. I was hoping for something that would tell me what amount of space has already been allocated in the system by the virtual servers. Looks like this only tells you how much disk quote has been used so far and not what amount of space has already been assigned to a client.

Actually…I take that back. I see there is another option for "disk quota assigned"

Thanks again!!

Hmmm…so actually, when you select that graph to view, the "disk space used" selection is actually already taking into account the "disk quota assigned" to clients, right?

If that is the case, then by just looking at "Local Disk Space" in "System Information", whatever us left is space that I will actually be able to use, right? Am I understanding this correctly?