Monitor for Spamassassin?

I’ve been running the separate spamassassin server on my VPS. It periodically goes down and when I notice I restart it. I’ve looked through Webmin->Others->System and Server Status for a monitor I could set to let me know when it goes down. If it is possible to set a monitor for this, I would appreciate the script to run to restart it as well.


Hmm, how much RAM do you have on your server? Also, what is the output of this command:

dmesg | tail -30

I have a suspicion that you may be running into resource problems, which may mean that you could start running into problems with other services too.

You may want to consider increasing your RAM, or not using SpamAssassin in server mode, which uses more RAM, but just to use it in standalone mode. That can be configured in Email Messages -> Spam and Virus Scanning.


You can check the kernel log (dmesg, or possibly /var/log/messages) for OOM killer messages. I think you can just grep for “OOM”, but it might be something like “out of memory”. That would indicate the kernel is killing off processes because there’s not enough memory.

If you can’t increase the real memory, you could increase the swap space, but if needed processes are being swapped out, performance will suffer tremendously.