Module postfix does not exists

Operating system Debian Linux 6.0
Webmin version 1.732
Virtualmin version 4.14.gpl


Attempting to use postfix instead of sendmail did the uninstall module Virtualmin postfix and mailman mailing list.
Now after trying to return to the previous state has disappeared the menu on the left and appear the following message: (Module postfix does not exist) even though I have it updated as can see in the picture

How can I fix it?

Best regards

P.D.: Sorry for my bad english :wink:


I wouldn’t actually suggest removing the Webmin modules.

To switch from Postfix to Sendmail, you would first need to configure Sendmail.

Then, once it’s running, you can tell Virtualmin/Webmin to use Sendmail in System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Server Settings -> Mail server to configure.