modify all mail quota settings with a batch process

Hi all !

It’s posible to modify all mail quota settings with a batch process?

I have all (+300) accounts with unlimited quota and I would like to set a lower value (100m).

Thanks in advance.


There isn’t one specific command that can do that.

You could, however, write up a script that takes advantage of the Virtualmin command line tools.

You could loop over a list of all the Virtual Servers by running the command “virtualmin list-domains”.

And from there, you can list all the mail users in each domain with “virtualmin list-users”.

You can modify the details for a given users account with “virtualmin modify-user”.

If you do any scripting, you can tie all those commands together to form a tool that would change the quota for each of your mail users.


Thanks Eric for your help.

I will try this way today.


It may be a very late response, but here is a simple script to bulk update User email quota or make other changes in bulk. from inside your shell login make necessary change to following command and execute it.

for user in virtualmin list-users --domain --email-only; do virtualmin modify-user --domain --quota 10000000 --user $user; done

virtualmin list-users --domain --email-only is enclosed in shell backquote