Moderators? Forum post, now says Access Denied but was fine yesterday and earlier today


I posted a message in the Virtualmin forum yesterday and received a comment.

After reading the comment I realised I needed to modify my original post to better explain myself. I went through several iterations of that including filling in the captcha-style word check but eventually instead of taking me back to the post it came up and said Access Denied and I can no longer see the post I was editing.

The post was:

Fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. The spam filter here is stupid (it misses a lot of spam, and catches a lot of ham), but it’s the best solution I’ve come up with so far.

You can open a ticket if this happens and we don’t fix it after a day or so.

Some tricks to avoid getting trapped by it:

  1. Don’t include domain names. If you need to include a domain name, turn it into domain.tld.
  2. Don’t include email addresses. If you need to include an email address, turn it into example@domain.tld or similar.
  3. Don’t include IP addresses. If you need to include an IP address, turn it into, or similar private network address.
  4. If you’re including code, config files, or log files, wrap it in code tags.

Thank you for such switch attention - wonderful! :slight_smile: