Mod_security with nginx - recommended way on Virtualmin

OS type and version: Cent OS 8
Webmin version: 1.984 GPL
Virtualmin version: 6.17
Related products version: Nginx 1.14.1


What is the recommended way to install mod_security on CentOS 8 with nginx. For apache , it can be easily installed as binary with yum but with Nginx, what I am seeing is that you need to compile nginx to get mod_security. Software like cPanel, DirectAdmin provide simple GUI to auto install mod_security with nginx.

Hence, my question, what is recommended way to install mod_security for nginx on Virtualmin.

cent 8 is eol. move to another distro supported by virt…that’s the first and easiest thing to do.

No! CentOS 8 is the currently recommended CentOS version. It’s fine. Yes, it’s EOL, but you can switch to Alma or Rocky at any time (which we have support for in Virtualmin 7 coming soon).

ooooooooook…why would you recommend something that’s eol? Instead of cent 8 just support alma or rocky only…but I sit corrected…:slight_smile:

Yap, I know, will do the move soon however, my original question is still open.

  • Recommended way to install mod_security for nginx in virtualmin.

Virtualmin 7 supports Alma and Rocky. Virtualmin 6 runs fine on Alma and Rocky, as long as it is installed when the system calls itself CentOS 8. The installer needs modifications and testing to be called supported on Rocky and Alma. We’re not going to do that work for Virtualmin 6 installer and then immediately do the same work for Virtualmin 7. We have very limited resources.

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Any suggestion for my original question here ?

Friendly Bump, I am still looking for suggestion.

I have no suggestions. I’ve only used mod_security with Apache. Maybe somebody else does, I dunno.

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