mod_security instaled but not working :(

Hi all!

I’m using virtualmin and I have apache mod_security installed, but after I made a few tests I realize that it was not working because it was not blocking URL’s queries that it should block.

How can I force mod_rewrite to work on all servers and sub-servers?

Please, as you may guess, I have some urgency getting this to work, please help!

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!!<br><br>Post edited by: =IceBurn=, at: 2009/01/01 04:46


Well, if you’re stuck on how to get mod_security working, the community there may be able to help you get that up and running. There’s some info here:

I unfortunately don’t have much experience with it.

As for how to apply mod_rewrite to all Virtual Servers?

It appears that you can just add mod_rewrite content into your main Apache config, and that applies to the various Virtual Servers.

For example, on my Ubuntu system, I edited /etc/apache2/apache2.conf (this would be /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf on RHEL/CentOS), and I added this to the end:

RewriteEngine on
RedirectMatch /foobar

And then, for any domain on the system – if I go there, and add /foobar to the end of the URL, I’m redirected to the itworks.html page.