Hi everyone!

First time post for me, so sorry for any lacking details.

I wan’t to run .Net application on my Debian 6 VPS, along side PHP and Java.Im a bit nervous about diving into apaches config files, as i honestly do not understand them fully, and don’t want to break everything.

My understanding is that Virtual/web-min need some apache2 components, so the runtime has to be intigrated into apache. Also i’ve read that the webmin default for running PHP is mod-fcgid.

From this guide, i understand that you can’t have conflicting runtimes(?) and need to configure your php to run in php-cgi. This is where my question begins: Can anyone tell me about the consequenses and possible remedys for making the change?

The guide i intend to follow is this:
Which refers to this:

Any help would be much appreciated… Please dumb it down though :slight_smile:




Well, I haven’t setup mod_mono before – but it sounds like they’re suggesting that you couldn’t use mod_php alongside mod_mono with the setup they’re describing.

However, both FCGID and CGI modes should work fine, as they don’t use the built in PHP module, mod_php.

If that’s still a problem for some reason, you can always go into Server Configuration -> Website Options, and change the PHP Execution Mode from FCGID to CGI, it’s not a problem to do that.

As for mod_mono – my suggestion would be to setup a new Virtual Server, and perform your setup within that. Then you don’t have to make changes to a live site, and risk problems of any sort.