Missing Virtualmin Menu

I have had Webmin+Virtualmin running for a while on my server, with almost no issues. Very happy with it so far.

I recently installed Let’s Encrypt (via certbot-auto) and generated an SSL cert for my server’s primary domain. Immediately after, I logged into Virtualmin and found that the menu was blank - Webmin is accessible and all modules are visible, but on the Virtualmin side, there’s nothing.

I updated all packages on the server, including Webmin and Virtualmin, but that did not resolve the issue. I’ve checked my user’s permissions, and I have access to everything. I just simply can’t see the menu anymore. I assume it’s related to certbot/Let’s Encrypt - it installed a good number of dependencies, some of which might have overwritten one of Virtualmin’s dependencies - but I don’t have any proof.

Unfortunately, I have no way to revert the changes, as I failed to run a backup beforehand. Wiping the server is also not an option, as that would mean losing months of data.

Is this a file permissions issue? Apache config problem?

Currently running:

  • Ubuntu 14.04.4
  • Webmin 1.810
  • Virtualmin 5.04
  • Authentic Theme 18.10