Missing Server Status (webmin only)

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3
Webmin version 2.104
Theme version 21.09:3
Package updates All installed packages are up to date

With a virtualmin system on the dashboard you see this

on my webmin only system I see this

there appears to be a couple of options missing, namely, Server Status & Software Versions. I would have expected both of these options to show whether the system has Virtualmin installed or not.
The webmin system does have 2 servers running, ssh & pptpd, Have I missed configured something so these options do not show, I would suggest not as changing the theme does not make any difference to the data displayed.
It would be good if the data mentioned could be displayed on the dashboard on a webmin system to save digging into the menuing system ( in my case both servers & networking ) to find out if these servers are running.

Under Webmin -> Change Language and Theme do you have "Global theme (Authentic Theme) " selected?

On my “Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3” box both Dashboards are the same as each other.

Me2 as I was under the impression it was an isolated set (routine) of code independent of Virtualmin. The Section “Virtualmin Counts” even shows up on both (I don’t have a box with only Webmin installed - cannot see the point of that) so cannot check that. If that was missing it might make some sense.

Under theme settings there is a dropdown list with the heading “Dashboard and real time monitoring” I am pretty sure it applies to the single isolated routine but maybe not? there doesnt seem to be anywhere to switch sections in or out.

This is my vpn server it does not require vmin … Server Specs

All I need to do is manage the ssh & pptpd servers.

On this server there is no lamp or lemp stack, no mta, no dovecot, no proftpd, no mysql and no bind server installed. So why would I need Virtualmin ?

Perhaps that is the reason for the difference. Something gets added during the Virtualmin install. (I always think of Virtualmin as a “new much improved” Webmin.)

I would say they are 2 different products … webmin manages a linux system virtualmin, which is a module of webmin, manages domains and associated configurations so I don’t think Virtualmin could be classed as an improved webmin . I have never seen, for example, anyway to install any software via a package manager, with virtualmin. Webmin does system stuff virtualmin does not. see https://archive.virtualmin.com/node/13048

Hmm then how come I can from Virtualmin → the Dashboard has quite a few links that run processes from Webmin. Like Nginx, Postfix, MariaDB and more - none of which are listed under Virtualmin. We are also notified of package updates and can action them from there to the package manager.

New to me and not in my Webmin either

exactly if those webmin modules were not installed those links would fail, and Virtualmin would turn in to a non working GUI … I just installed the virtualmin module via webmin- >webmin configuration->webmin modules → install and from there installed https://software.virtualmin.com/vm/7/gpl/wbm/virtual-server-7.8.2.gpl-1.wbm.gz which installed Virtualmin however without the necessary software installed the Virtualmin installation would not work.

but webmin installs them for you … Don’t forget the ‘Dashboard’ is common between Virtualmin & Webmin so even if you tab is on Virtualmin those Link elude to Webmin.

Webmin only Dashboard

Virtualmin Dashboard (no clocks)

as you can see the links are the same and the file in this example the run file is located at


so the virtualmin link links to a webmin module. Please remember Webmin a Server management tool & Virtualmin is a Domain management tool that achieves it’s objectives using webmin (in most cases). Therefore if you are not managing domains you don’t need Virtualmin

You can enable server statuses shown in the dashboard of your sole Webmin installation using Tools → System and Server Status → Configuration page and its Show monitors on Dashboard? option. After enabling this option, go to the dashboard and force-refresh system information to have System Monitors accordion show.

However, Software Versions is Virtualmin specific.

using this config did not work

you only see

That is interesting (never spotted that cog before) but why then if I have that option set to “no”, do I get the Dashboard accordions?

This only relates to System and Server Status module.

It does work. You need to force-refresh system information page.

but isn’t that what both @jimr1 and I are talking about - I don’t see why it is a proposed solution for jimr1 and an explanation for why we see different states on the Dashboard.

I forced refresh restarted webmin and rebooted the server I’m afraid nothing has worked so far but I will try again. But the only way I can get it to work is to install the virtualmin module, when I do that the ssh server shows up but the pptp server does not. But as I don’t need the virtualmin module that is not a solution either

I can confirm that following your advice here I also do not see server status on the dashboard

I also set up a new system from scratch and it still didn’t work so I guess server display only works when you have the virtualmin module installed.

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