Missing server data

I have scheduled backups that run via Virtualmin every night. I noticed a while back, I stated getting “Some domains was missing information”. I started noticing later on that some of my domains had been changed into a string of numbers instead of a .com (about half of them)…

I have been trying to figure out a way to fix this… If I try to create a new server with same domain name, it says it already exists. If I try to rename one for the servers with a domain name, change the directory, admin user and so on, I get the directory/user/etc already exists. How can I fix this??

So for one of my sites, I decided to try and stab at it manually. I deleted the CentOS account, and renamed the folder, deleting the dns entries. Man have I had problems. I finally got most all of it working, but the FastCGI is not working. If I change it to mod_php everything works fine. but switching back to FastCGI, i get a 500 error every time. I am scared to try this method with my other websites. Is there just a config file I can go in and change and correct it?

After spending an entire day on it, I decided to build up a new server and just transfer it all over. When I went to transfer it, I found the Add Server -> Import Feature. I simply imported my servers that was already on there and it magically did the rest… Man I love Virtualmin (minus the fact that this was a weird issue I had to spend all day on)! But, now I cant delete the messed up ones… When trying to delete the ones that are messed up, I get this:

Domain 14532964203084 is not valid!


How many domains are you seeing that are just numbers like that?

Those numbers are the domain ID, and are associated with the files located in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains.


Ahh I see. There are 5 of them out of about 10 domains total. For some reason, 5 of my domains lost their relationship with the virtualmin ID then. Is it possible to simply delete those files and it will make all that go away? After importing servers, I was able to make the domains come back as it should, but the old domain IDs is still showing, which is causing my backups to throw an error.

I looked at those files, and I can tell something is for sure wrong. The file size of the broken ones are about 700 bytes, where the good ones are 1k-2.7k bytes. Definitely a big difference between the good ones and the bad ones.